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When did THICK become the new THIN?

In Authentic Life, Goals, Out of the Comfort Zone on January 13, 2013 at 8:30 am

I am a former high school cheerleader and our 3rd daughter is a current high school cheerleader so I always try to pay attention to the routines and stunts they perform and let them know they are appreciated.  Lately though, I’ve been noticing that 75% of any given squad is not what I would consider thin.


The girl in the front seems to be the norm of the CL’s I’ve seen.  Also, when looking at pics on my daughters FB I’ve noticed the “popular with the boys” girls (in high school) have a body that is similar the girl to the left and they are very comfortable flaunting their jingly tum tum in mid-drift baring shirts, tight tanks and skimpy bikinis (and posting the pics on FB).

Am I alone in saying a pudgy body – on a younger than 25 year old female … that has never experienced another human grow inside her body … is just not attractive?

So I ask, what do you think is driving the change in women’s appearance?   Is it feminism and the “I don’t need to look good for a man” way of thinking?  Or is it an example of Beta behavior at its finest “I should pretend to be attracted to THICK as to not hurt anyone’s feelings”  … or put more simply have today’s 17-25 year old men just bought into the brainwashing of body acceptance?


(of a thing) Pleasing or appealing to the senses.

(of a person) Appealing to look at; sexually alluring: “an attractive, charismatic man”.

Synonyms – alluring – inviting – engaging – winsome – charming

Through a combination of good genes, a low carb diet and off/on running I have  maintained the same weight since I’ve been about 25 – gaining/losing around 20-25 pounds with each of my 7 pregnancies.  Easy?  Not at all – but it is a choice that I make daily … to have a donut or a green shake for breakfast.  To include a loaded baked potato with my dinner or to let something yummy pass me BY instead of pass by my LIPS.

Henry in subtle and not so subtle ways has always made it clear he is attracted to thin women.  I feel sexy as a thin woman and I think pudgy looks, well chubby.  Why is that so hard to say out loud when it can be said with reasonablehayden

certainty the body that Hayden is sporting here is probably enjoying all the treats I am bypassing.  Hmmm … is this another example of the Rationalization Hamster at her finest?

Or – should we, could we hold our MEN responsible for this one?  No!  That isn’t politically correct to acknowledge MEN have anything to do with a women’s appearance.

I am just trying to figure out how this generation of both men and women think pudgy is attractive.  Do men today just prefer a pudgy body?  Do they think it looks better or have they just been conditioned to BELIEVE they should think pudgy looks better?  Are me and my husband ‘thin obsessed’?

What is behind the attention and or NON-negative reaction received by the new THIN??

Note:  I am not talking about the morbidly obese or those who may/may not have an underlying medical condition – I am referring to the slightly jiggly who make conscience decisions to maintain their plump appearance and I am wondering if the majority of people find this body type preferable.

  1. Whatever you wrote sounds so stupid! Pudgy is such a derogatory word. They are young girls(those cheerleaders) and no they are not pudgy in any way! They are healthy, they are happy, they are strong and can pull off all those difficult moves and that’s great! Maybe they could be super toned but they are perfectly fine the way they are. I cannot believe that a woman of your age is so immature and has such a horrible and mean mindset towards females who are old enough to be your daughter. As a very young female myself, such horrible, judgemental attitude from an adult is incredibly disappointing. Older women like you, who think like that are scary in my opinion.
    Hayden on the other hand is the epitome of glowing youthful beauty and innocence and would you look at that waist- man, she is gorgeous and her thighs only add to her womanly beauty. Maybe, that’s the way she is built and she is beautiful that way.
    You are in no position to judge anyone and pass blatantly shallow, mean, uninformed and offensive comments about people. Do you know that there are people who eat healthy, exercise and still cannot lose weight? Or many ectomorphs who hog down burgers, sweets and what not, include no greens in their diet and are still super thin. Even if people follow unhealthy lifestyle, it’s NOT FOR YOU to decide what’s good for them or publicly state that you find their lifestyle disgusting.
    You control your food intake, exercise and have kept your weight stable- good for you. But you cannot, without knowing anything about anyone say such shallow things. It makes me feel great that today there is such a wider definition of beauty even among young men, who are usually categorised under the group of the shallowest humans you’d ever see in your life. So please get rid of that presumptuous, holier-than-thou, I-am-so-much-better-than-you attitude, do every one a favour and open up that narrow, narrow mind of yours.

  2. I am 39 and currently at my heaviest. I’m 5ft 6 and 110 pounds . until I was 35 I was 100 pounds. I chose to add 10 pounds. I am proof that metabolism does not slow down much over the years. I guarantee I will die thin. Only thing that could make me fat is certain medications.

    Men love Skinny women. The bmi medical charts are way off. Being underweight is healthier and more attractive than normal. Men prefer skinny. .

    Btw Marilyn Monroe is curvy. Beth Ditto is Fat. Skinny girls can be curved. It’s all about ratio not Body mass. Kate Moss ages 18 was skinny and has a 13 inch hip to waist ratio.

    Marilyn looked good when she was young. Had she aged her body would have turned to pure sag. Skinny girls with small boobs do not sag until much later.

  3. This has to be by far the dumbest thing I have ever read. DIFFERENT PEOPLE LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS! Maybe if you weren’t so conceited you would realize that most men don’t like their women to look like a 12 year old boy when naked. A little chub is actually healthy for women. When you’re too skinny it can prevent you from having children. I feel bad for your 7 kids because they have a mother who only sees beauty as skin deep. And by the way your husband better have a 6-pack because there is no way in hell I would ever let a man tell me how I should be while he’s sitting back eating junk all day. Good luck when you’re 80 and all the “beauty” of yours melts away.

  4. First off, the skinny girl being considered the pretty/popular/sexy girl only came about in the late 20th century. Look back to the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and up to mid 20th century and you won’t find many skinny chicks being perceived as “hot”. Just take a look at our most revered artists and their works.
    Just because YOU believe one thing is attractive doesn’t mean the whole world agrees with you – or should!
    I can just HEAR women like you in the 60’s stating women of color shouldn’t be considered attractive…who are you to decide that every person who feels or says a plus sized girl or woman is attractive MUST be saying it because they’ve been “conditioned” to or in order not to hurt her feelings – jeez, full of yourself much?
    Maybe we should all tell girls they can only be attractive if they fit in to one certain mold and then they can all be miserable, have eating disorders, low self esteem, and higher suicide rates and women like you can feel special and good about themselves by keeping anyone who isn’t stick-thin out of your cool-girls-only club.
    Your way of thinking is just scary. You wouldn’t make these types of comments if the cheerleaders were black, Latina, lesbian, agnostic, Muslim, etc…or maybe you would.
    In any case, get over yourself. If you choose to skip dessert and run 20 miles every morning more power to you but leave those of us that don’t alone to make our own choices.
    And by the way – only a crazy woman would make a comment about the Hayden picture!
    I’m a little sad you believe that being thin is the only thing that makes you feel sexy. Maybe YOU need to work on your own self esteem, it’s pretty clear you have issues.

  5. Listen, I’m naturally thin. But what you’re saying and criticizing theses girls for getting on the field with some curves is a bit distasteful. First off,only one person is responsible for the way a body looks. No one, not men, not society’s new standards, or feminism is responsible for this, besides the owner of the body that is. Let me remind you that this person is not you. I get having different ideas of beauty. But if you are going to call a , let’s say, size 8 cheerleader who is active and on the field lazy… you can call me lazier. I’m a size 1- 2. I don’t work out. I eat junk food. It’s honestly a metabolism issue. If you can even call it an issue. And like I said. We all have opinions. But, what if one of the cheerleaders you are referring to found this blog? The point I’m trying to make is that people seem to be so worried about other people’s bodies. Although I am naturally thin, I would rather booty over a bone rack anyday.

    • I’m reading this over and I hope I’m not coming off as rude. I just have had friends who have been bullied for weight ( I know that’s not what you are doing) so it’s a touchy subject. I hope you don’t take offense to this.

  6. male, here, and lo the girls are thick and so too the boys. swollen, swelled, round, extended, oversized.

    jesus, the days of thin-as-normal have vanished. mcdonalds, fat-filled malls, big ugly asses.

    jesus, the world expands, is getting warmer, no one gardens, and everyone ruts the rut fat-on-fat…

    what’s a skinny boy and girls to do?

    • Just got back from another college basketball game; we took my 90 year old Grandma with us and out of the blue she whispered in my ear “I can’t believe how heavy all the cheerleaders are; don’t the boys care anymore?” … yes, out of the mouth of my old Grandma! BTW, Grandma will pass up a free donut at church because “she is watching her waistline” … at 90, lol!

      • Hey old habits die hard. Your grandma is 90. Doesn’t that tell you something?
        Your grandma got to 90 by watching her waistline. It’s that very part of the body where fat does the most damage. Coronary, Strokes,diabetes,cancer etc.. wise old lady.

      • Hi. Yeah, my grandma is just like that. When I was like 13 and suddenly I was growing fast, my grandma would go like how I should always try to be be thin or else I wouldn’t be able to get a guy to be interested in me. Yes, at 13! Many elderly people think like that I guess, because they had all this pressure in their time to be thin and pretty and this pressure to catch a good husband.

  7. When I read this I immediately thought about the common story you hear that very attractive girls do not get hit on a lot because guys are intimidated. I haven’t been in high school for many years, but if memory serves me right, the top 10% of females were pretty much considered off-limits to 95% of the guys. This leaves a whole lot of male attention devoted to girls that were just flawed enough to be approachable in a guy’s eyes. With all that attention, it seems natural that a girl is going to develop that “attitude”. So I can easily make the connection that some of the blame could be the lack of confidence instilled in the current generation of men, who now see the “pudgy CL” as the pinnacle of their aspirations.

  8. Hmmm…my husband distinctly doesn’t like skinny. His ideal is Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Curvy and feminine, rather than toned and athletic. I’m neither…yet…but I think he would find defined muscles a turnoff.

    That being said, cherleading has become an athletic sport with visual as well as physicsl standards. One could infer laziness. But given my lifelong struggles with weight despite multiple athletics in a season, some of them may already be having hormonal issues (thyroid, e.g.) or be on birth control, and covering up insecurity with attitude.

    As for popular with boys…read “puts out.” It was well known in my high school days that some of the girls compensated for figure flaws with a willingness to be flirty or open to sex (or semi-sexual acts).

  9. That cheerleader…Ewwww, who let that cow on the field with her belly nearly hanging over her waistband?

    As for redpillwifey’s comment about Hayden, “She’s a decent size, just not toned” I have to agree. It’s not about weight, and it never was. It’s all about curves and muscle tone. At 5’10, I wear a size 2, maybe a 3, but easily weigh 140#. My sister is the same height and weight, but she wears a size 7/8… The difference is about exercise. IMO men want healthy, not “fluffy”… it certainly feels better to run your hands over a firm, well placed curve than it does to grab onto someone who feels like a ziplock bag full of whipped cream.

    • I agree! I never said either pic showed a fat girl – just a thicker girl than the past generation allowed. And the ‘tone’ makes a huge difference.

  10. At the grave risk of seeming like a lech, firm is kind of the key here. Firm is healthy. “Silly fat” as I’ve heard it called is not healthy. Some girls are built larger or smaller, but firm is the key here. I second redpillwifey, calling Hayden Panetierre in this picture “pudgy” just doesn’t seem fair. I mean, does she look unhealthy? As far as masculine tastes, an awesome thing for women is that male taste is quasi-deceptive. We can usually agree that a particular woman is attractive to all of us, but our real life particular tastes can vary quite a bit. Healthy (genuinely healthy, not fat acceptance nonsense) is kind of the key word for me.

    • Hi Michael – pudgy to me means silly fat, so I think i was saying the same thing. Hayden isn’t necessarily fat at all – she just has an untoned body – and is proud of it (good for her) but I am questioning why society now appreciates the untoned jiggly belly. Thanks for the introspection on masculine tastes.

  11. Sorry love, but I think the Cheerleaders you show look very hot! Starman is most definitely not into skinny women. As you age you end up with a turkey neck and wrinkly skin if you are too thin. A good bosom and rounded hips tend to attract men like bees to a honeypot.

    Having said that it is important to keep within the healthy ratio of body fat to height. I swim, cycle, walk and do pilates. My body at 60 is not, and nor would I wish it to be, like it was when I was 25. Neither is Starman’s body. But we are happy and healthy. We probably have more zest for life now than we ever did before. And if I ever get worried, all I do is tell myself that my measurements are the same as those of a certain Marilyn Monroe. I think there are very few men who didn’t lust after her at some time or another.

    So long as you are happy with your shape, live and let live I say.

    Hugs, Ami

  12. Wow, I’m not sure what exactly to say to this post ……

    I don’t know when thick became so offensive, just like I didn’t think thin was offensive either. People have different builds, naturally. Being okay with where you are is a gift and I am so happy that you are there.

    • I am not offended by the cheerleaders or Hayden; I am just questioning when we (as a society) decided that an untoned body, in a sport (profession) that puts your body on display is attractive. Maybe it is – and not harm / no foul. I am all for letting YOU be YOU, per say. I am just trying to understand the why’s behind the new norm. I personally tend to think it is another way in which women have decided they don’t need to try and impress anyone – and if they want to have a jiggly belly at 18 – so be it. Again, that is fine and well … it is a shift from past generations, which is the point of my post.

  13. I might be the counter to this post, I’m a red blooded american man who has a deep love of life liberty and all things great. Many of the girl’s that the media might considered “Hot” or “thin” don’t look all that hot to me. Curves on a woman are symbolic of health, and fertility, thin just looks underfed and not sexy. I can’t speak for all men, but I like a woman with some meat on her bones, skinny isn’t sexy.

  14. Cheerleaders should have skinny standards because it makes stunts and tumbling more difficult.

  15. I feel I shouldn’t ‘weigh’ in. I just disagree completely with the position in your post. This obsession with a few extra pounds on a cheerleader (presumably engaged in a large amount of physical activity) is precisely the kind of opinion that reinforces to younger women and boys these days that they need to be of supermodel air-brushed proportions to fit the unrealistic mold of ‘attractive’… feminism?..well thats just laughable.

    • Sis – I agree. Another trend I’ve noticed is big girls (much bigger than the cheerleader pictured) being used as bases for the pudgy girls who are held up.

      Little – thanks for your comment and I am fine agreeing to disagree 🙂 but no where did I say she was overweight – I said she was pudgy and jiggly and asked if others found this body attractive. I did not say anyone should strive for the unbelievable look of an airbrushed supermodel.

  16. Dang! When did cheerleaders start looking like that! That… Is not hot. It wasn’t that way 10 years ago, in my experience. I wonder when it changed?

    It seems like girls these days have the attitude of a hot girl without the hot body. I think it’s just plain laziness.

    I have to disagree on Hayden though… She’s a decent size, just not toned, IMO. Maybe 5 lbs too heavy at the most.

    • RPW – I wish I would have wrote this line into my post – it may have made what I was trying to convey more clear … “It seems like girls these days have the attitude of a hot girl without the hot body. I think it’s just plain laziness.” You hit the nail on the head!

      • It’s NOT laziness! They look very attractive and sexy and I honestly wish you could step outside of your head for two minutes and see what you sound like when you make these broad, rude statements! It’s cruel, it’s untrue, it’s harmful. Saying an athlete is “lazy”??? Is it EASY to be a cheerleader? Because these girls are doing the work – they’re making the squad.
        Stop and think for just a minute what it is that makes you feel like its appropriate to judge women you don’t even know anything about!
        There’s more to people than they’re size.

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