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12 Hours before Xmas and my true love gave to me, “wait… that’s not on my list”

In Authentic Life, Christmas, PMS aka Menopause aka Bad Days, The Countdown begins on December 19, 2012 at 7:46 am

bambam, Wham, KOWABUNGA!!       wham

That is the sound of my pride hitting the wall as my dear Henry reminds me yet again that I cannot do it all.

… “You are not Super Woman” (what, wait, really?)

… “You are not Santa’s only elf” (how dare he!)

And evidently “I am not expected to be Martha Stewart” either!   (I wonder if Martha ever found herself here as she cranked out craft after craft.)

Why, oh why can I only hear him clearly in a certain compromising position as he swiftly reminds me “yes, VirginiaLiz; I am in charge here” lol?

BUT as I sit here listening to “you better not pout, you better not cry, you better not fuss I am telling you why; Santa Claus is coming to town” for the 10th time this morning and now that I am thinking a little clearer (thanks Mr. Grinch )Henry) and I am ready to tackle my day I felt inspired to give my own version of a beloved classic.

I know some of these things could sound frivolous and aren’t in the spirit of the real reason for the season … but just trying to keep it real and hope other moms can relate!  I like to call this new version …

Liz’s 12 hour before Xmas …

12 Xmas Cards needing to be addressed

11 Office gifts to wrap for Hubby

10 Xmas Eve PJ’s to color coordinate

9 Santa gifts left to buy

8 times the little’s have asked to update the Advent Calendar (today)

7 errands Grandma must run today

6 batches of cookies left to bake

AND 5 kids that are sick and needed the DOCTOR ….

FOUR times I’ve scheduled and cancelled a Mani-Pedi

THREE school concerts I’ll attend before Friday

TWO dinners in need of groceries (Xmas Eve and Xmas Day)


ONE House that needs a good cleaning

And with that I am off to Toys R Us, Target and if time permits that place I’ve tried hard to avoid … the MALL.  Wish me luck.   By the way … now that I’ve had my fun I am free to remind myself … jesus


I miss company Christmas parties!

In Christmas, Out of the Comfort Zone, Red Pill on December 9, 2012 at 1:35 pm

I think one of the fall-outs from the Great Recession is the loss of the lavish, over the top company Christmas party.  And while I understand that many (our family included) would much prefer the company give a Christmas bonus so we could better afford the years must have’s for our kiddos – I still long for the splendor of those events.   (FYI, the party is gone but an ‘in-hand’ gift still hasn’t materialized!).

These company Christmas parties came at a good time for our family – Henry and I were very often struggling to make ends meet and we were probably arguing ‘round the clock and then adding in 5-6 kids (can’t truly remember, maybe all 7?) to manage.

So the opportunity to experience something truly outside of the norm was a BIG deal.  There is nothing like kissing the kids (+ messy house and all) goodbye and entering the world of make believe!!

Henry’s career has landed him at a few different places over the years – but it was one firm in particular that did an extremely nice job of celebrating and creating memorable events.

This firm liked to celebrate at unique places that you’ not expect to use as a party place … There was the one at the museum – that was pretty cool; you could wander between artifacts and bones while sipping aged Napa Valley vino.  And then there was the one at an aquarium, which was visually beautiful to behold as the decorations bounced off the glass walled tanks (an actual shark was being housed that year!).  My favorite was likely the party held at San Francisco city hall.  When you arrived at this one, Willie Brown was at the top of a long stair case (covered in greenery and lights) welcoming everyone to his humble abode.  willie

Yes, I miss the company Christmas Party!

I’d bug Henry (these were pre Dd days, so nag and/or harass are probably closer to the truth) until he shared the invitation with me.

When I knew the theme, I could commence shopping for the perfect outfit that would convey confidence and style.   Fingers and toes were done.  I’d have my hair trimmed and the color touched up.  I have always appreciated how handsome Henry fills out a tux so this is a double bonus!!
Ready to party …!  The food was plentiful and delicious; the alcohol flowed freely and the decorations were just show stopping.

But, honestly – even though I loved the pomp and circumstance of the company party, the thing I enjoyed the most was watching Henry interact in HIS world and instinctively I would know this was a part of Henry’s life that existed completely without my help and I was a guest that night in his world.

And then it would happen … I’d catch a glimpse of the man I had married.

That man was confident, charming and respected among his peers. balck

Was it the realization of how successful my man was at what he does or was I realizing that I had contributed nothing (absolutely nothing) to his professional success and yet he was successful?

Anyhow, that one night would always remind me of who Henry really was and why I could never say no to him in any meaningful way.

But alas, the economy tanked and my beloved Christmas party was chopped.  No more anticipation for the event local, no more shopping for the perfect dress, no more dancing til dawn at someone else’ expense.  Nope, all gone. Fortunately though I no longer require all of those trappings in order to see Henry as the confident, charming man I married 20 years ago on a daily basis.  In that respect, it’s OK the party’s over.

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