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12 Hours before Xmas and my true love gave to me, “wait… that’s not on my list”

In Authentic Life, Christmas, PMS aka Menopause aka Bad Days, The Countdown begins on December 19, 2012 at 7:46 am

bambam, Wham, KOWABUNGA!!       wham

That is the sound of my pride hitting the wall as my dear Henry reminds me yet again that I cannot do it all.

… “You are not Super Woman” (what, wait, really?)

… “You are not Santa’s only elf” (how dare he!)

And evidently “I am not expected to be Martha Stewart” either!   (I wonder if Martha ever found herself here as she cranked out craft after craft.)

Why, oh why can I only hear him clearly in a certain compromising position as he swiftly reminds me “yes, VirginiaLiz; I am in charge here” lol?

BUT as I sit here listening to “you better not pout, you better not cry, you better not fuss I am telling you why; Santa Claus is coming to town” for the 10th time this morning and now that I am thinking a little clearer (thanks Mr. Grinch )Henry) and I am ready to tackle my day I felt inspired to give my own version of a beloved classic.

I know some of these things could sound frivolous and aren’t in the spirit of the real reason for the season … but just trying to keep it real and hope other moms can relate!  I like to call this new version …

Liz’s 12 hour before Xmas …

12 Xmas Cards needing to be addressed

11 Office gifts to wrap for Hubby

10 Xmas Eve PJ’s to color coordinate

9 Santa gifts left to buy

8 times the little’s have asked to update the Advent Calendar (today)

7 errands Grandma must run today

6 batches of cookies left to bake

AND 5 kids that are sick and needed the DOCTOR ….

FOUR times I’ve scheduled and cancelled a Mani-Pedi

THREE school concerts I’ll attend before Friday

TWO dinners in need of groceries (Xmas Eve and Xmas Day)


ONE House that needs a good cleaning

And with that I am off to Toys R Us, Target and if time permits that place I’ve tried hard to avoid … the MALL.  Wish me luck.   By the way … now that I’ve had my fun I am free to remind myself … jesus


Just one of those days!

In PMS aka Menopause aka Bad Days on November 9, 2012 at 1:03 pm

I will admit it; yesterday was not my best day.  It was just one of those days frankly.

I woke up and ….

  • Didn’t pack any lunches.  Why?  I don’t really know, but since the kids had extra time this morning (late start Wednesday) I decided to let them figure it out.  Hmm, wonder what the 1st grader created?
  • Got in the shower; didn’t shave.  Again, no idea why.  Passive/aggressive towards Henry maybe … (who has been glued to his laptop until way past midnight working since Saturday night).
  • Kinda got ready for my Wacky Wednesday Mom’s Morning Out – not really committed to going until the moment I walked into the ihop though! 
  • Said several things to Henry that I knew would not end well … including “whatever” in response to “ aren’t you going to be late if you don’t get out the door?”  Followed up by “I don’t careI really don’t care” when he followed up with “is that really what you want to be saying?”  The refrain was just a tad loud for his liking … and then my favorite … “I don’t have time for this … as I hurried out the door”.  Ya, that about sums up my interchange with my dear, sweet Henry this morning!
  • When I finally arrived at ihop – Just for the heck of it I ordered the deep fried stuffed French Toast (3/5 stars) and country fried potatoes with cheese and sour cream (5/5 stars)!  In for a penny in for a pound (or 5 lbs!).
  • Went to the mall – you know, just to look and instead bought some makeup because Lancôme had a free give away with purchase (umm … I wonder if my CPA husband will think it was free when he sees the AmX charge … hmm gotta think about that one).
  • Didn’t make dinner … I decided on my own the kids were likely in the mood for Dominoes … Not!
  • A little short with Henry when he called to say he would be unable to help drive to/from Life Groups tonight (yes, because of work … I know … AGAIN).  Found myself pondering “do the girls really need to be spiritual this week?”
  • Finally sat down to watch Mob Doctor … Ok, I guess I could have started with that info and you would have been able to sum up my day without any of the above explanations, huh?
  • Ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel – and added salt!
  • Fell asleep at 10 pm – with my make up on!  Hate that.

Yep, not a great day.  But guess what I got today … yes, actually I did receive an intense ‘reminder’ this morning about what is and is NOT acceptable to say to your HoH … which brings this weeks tally to those keeping track to 4!   … By George I think he’s got it#time to get my act together#orgetusedtoasorea**!

I also received a visit from my friend – the one that hasn’t shown her face for 4 months … yep ‘that friend’ … oh the joys of being 46!  Well, on the bright side, maybe yesterday’s PMS had been building for the past 4 months!

~ yippee!  The weekend is almost here; H will be done with his work project and we can concentrate on getting things ready for Grandma’s move in … 12/14!  The arrival of my friend also means we can forego the evil barrier and have unprotected, unrepentant put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up SEX~ yippee!


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