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Sunday = Funday

In Skipping Church on October 22, 2012 at 6:38 am

 We decided to break from our normal Sunday routine this morning – no rushing to get ready for church and no rushing to a restaurant for lunch after!  Nope.  We slept in (well I slept until 8 anyhow – which is better than 6:30!) and then read the paper.  H turned on football (west coast means football programming starts at 9am!) and I started my grocery list.  I am thinking of roasted chicken with all the appropriate accompaniments followed by an apple pie prepared with the 6 year olds help.  Shopping with a list today means I’ll have school lunch food for the week and can pre-plan some dinners.  It also means my stress could be significantly lower as I start the week.  How do I feel about skipping church?  I feel mixed, really because for us church isn’t an obligation.  No, it is something that as a family we all really enjoy.  I am going to miss the live message too – but knowing H and I can catch it later on FB is a little consolation.  So why did we skip?  I think we both realized that we needed a break from the routines and even though Sunday church is enjoyable, it still requires getting the 5 kids that live at home out the door, looking presentable and with food in their tummies before 9 am.   And H is just not a part of the process but has occasionally been the recipient of The Shrew when things don’t unfold as easily as Liz thinks they should, lol. 

I think God is ok with our decision. In fact, I think God is pleasantly pleased (notice I didn’t say surprised, but comparing the former and current Liz side by side, He could be surprised!) at my desire to obediently ‘submit to your husband’.  The tenderness and affection that H and I show each other now compared to pre-dd is tangible.  Our 17 yr old daughter has made some really funny comments about the change in our marriage.  I say ‘funny’ because when I first began to defer to Henry, it was this daughter that was borderline offended by my newly submissive spirit.  Could it be because she could see down the line and realized she was a ‘shrew in training’ that would someday be following my submissive lead!?!  Anyhow, I know the younger kids appreciate the more peaceful household since the constant power struggle (=bickering) is 75% contained. 

Back to Sunday=Funday! 

When Henry came down this morning he gave me a playful command, which I quickly shied away from because, well just because! 

He didn’t push it and within 5 minutes I complied and apologized.  He laughed if off and then said …“Babe, it’s a lifestyle.  You feel submissive from the second you wake up until you fall asleep in my arms at night.  Understand?”… and he is right.  Maybe that is what I was trying to convey in my post yesterday (Round 6) – turning off my submissive spirit.  I am going to try and remember his quote.  It is where I want to be; I just have to keeping fighting Liz Bd(before dd)!   

Happy Sunday=Funday everyone.


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