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When did THICK become the new THIN?

In Authentic Life, Goals, Out of the Comfort Zone on January 13, 2013 at 8:30 am

I am a former high school cheerleader and our 3rd daughter is a current high school cheerleader so I always try to pay attention to the routines and stunts they perform and let them know they are appreciated.  Lately though, I’ve been noticing that 75% of any given squad is not what I would consider thin.


The girl in the front seems to be the norm of the CL’s I’ve seen.  Also, when looking at pics on my daughters FB I’ve noticed the “popular with the boys” girls (in high school) have a body that is similar the girl to the left and they are very comfortable flaunting their jingly tum tum in mid-drift baring shirts, tight tanks and skimpy bikinis (and posting the pics on FB).

Am I alone in saying a pudgy body – on a younger than 25 year old female … that has never experienced another human grow inside her body … is just not attractive?

So I ask, what do you think is driving the change in women’s appearance?   Is it feminism and the “I don’t need to look good for a man” way of thinking?  Or is it an example of Beta behavior at its finest “I should pretend to be attracted to THICK as to not hurt anyone’s feelings”  … or put more simply have today’s 17-25 year old men just bought into the brainwashing of body acceptance?


(of a thing) Pleasing or appealing to the senses.

(of a person) Appealing to look at; sexually alluring: “an attractive, charismatic man”.

Synonyms – alluring – inviting – engaging – winsome – charming

Through a combination of good genes, a low carb diet and off/on running I have  maintained the same weight since I’ve been about 25 – gaining/losing around 20-25 pounds with each of my 7 pregnancies.  Easy?  Not at all – but it is a choice that I make daily … to have a donut or a green shake for breakfast.  To include a loaded baked potato with my dinner or to let something yummy pass me BY instead of pass by my LIPS.

Henry in subtle and not so subtle ways has always made it clear he is attracted to thin women.  I feel sexy as a thin woman and I think pudgy looks, well chubby.  Why is that so hard to say out loud when it can be said with reasonablehayden

certainty the body that Hayden is sporting here is probably enjoying all the treats I am bypassing.  Hmmm … is this another example of the Rationalization Hamster at her finest?

Or – should we, could we hold our MEN responsible for this one?  No!  That isn’t politically correct to acknowledge MEN have anything to do with a women’s appearance.

I am just trying to figure out how this generation of both men and women think pudgy is attractive.  Do men today just prefer a pudgy body?  Do they think it looks better or have they just been conditioned to BELIEVE they should think pudgy looks better?  Are me and my husband ‘thin obsessed’?

What is behind the attention and or NON-negative reaction received by the new THIN??

Note:  I am not talking about the morbidly obese or those who may/may not have an underlying medical condition – I am referring to the slightly jiggly who make conscience decisions to maintain their plump appearance and I am wondering if the majority of people find this body type preferable.


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