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imagining a place where boys can be BOYS … and girls can be GIRLS

In Authentic Life, Goals, Red Pill, Wisdom on April 2, 2013 at 10:39 am

Since adopting a Red Pill view of the world, I am surprised just how hard it really is to find books and videos with strong male role models and to a lesser degree feminine/motherly role models.  I’ve surfed Netflix many times (under the anticipatory eyes of my youngest kids) trying to find a movie that will not depict the boy as dumb, irrational, or in need of a strong female to get him going  the right direction AND/OR not depict the girl as a know it all that can do it all on her own, or is very one dimensional … only to come up empty handed or end up trying to sell my son on another viewing of sandlotThe Sandlot or maybe get them hooked on ET, again!  … pretty weak!   I am open to your suggestions!!

After some searching I’ve come up with a few book titles that look promising.  I guess my older kids were somewhat sheltered from worldly influences since they were home-schooled until 5th grade – but the two youngest have the double disadvantage of living in a household with older teens while also being in public school.  Buying these two books is a mini test run to see if our household (with the inclusion of Grandma) would be conducive to a home school environment.  Both kids have asked “why can’t we do school at home like Big Sister did” and I have no good answer other than a lingering doubt if I could manage it while having Grandma living with us … and the TV on constantly and having to stop many times and help her with most anything you could imagine and still having to chauffeur the older kids around … so we’ll see how this goes.Bow-back-Cheeky-panty-222x300

Henry is still working a lot.  My dinner did not materialize since our house was full of college, high school, middle school and elementary school KIDS – but I went with the ‘pink’ and surprised him Saturday night … and he was very blessed!  I haven’t been brave enough to post part 2 of Red Pill Year in ReviewYou Wanna Put What Where? but what I will say is that the more feminine and respectful I am … the more take charge and alpha he is … so our sex life is HOT.  I realize my word choice is poor, but that is really the only way I can accurately describe it!!  And it’s always been good … but now … “oh MY!!” it is really good!

Back on topic … so after some digging, I’ve found two books that I’ve recently ordered … the first is a book titled Mommy…Why? A Titus 2 Story for Young Girls by Cindy Voss 

From Amazon … The Bible has a lot to say about bringing up your children in the “training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4 NIV). Today’s generation of girls are growing up in a culture that disdains Biblical femininity and homemaking. Titus 2 describes the pattern and the content for raising up the next generation. “Mommy…Why?” presents a fresh look at an old concept…the concept of the “high calling” of wife and mother.  “Mommy…Why” illustrates the blessing and privilege of this God ordained vocation. Your young daughter will gain insight into the how and the why of this special calling….a direct result of “the older women training the younger women” in a God glorifying way.

Since I’ve also been looking for ways to spend a little more ‘mommy and me time’ with my 7 year old, I am excited to begin reading this together and then also incorporate some time spent together in the kitchen.  Maybe it’s because I also have older kids, but I am very aware of worldly influences manifesting already in my young daughter.

I also ordered The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

From Amazon … Young Jody adopts an orphaned fawn he calls Flag and makes it a part of his family and his best friend. But life in the Florida backwoods is harsh, and so, as his family fights off wolves, bears, and even alligators, and faces failure in their tenuous subsistence farming, Jody must finally part with his dear animal friend.

The Yearling came up several times as a good real aloud, especially for boys.  I will keep you posted on how the mini test-run is progressing.

Just one of those days!

In PMS aka Menopause aka Bad Days on November 9, 2012 at 1:03 pm

I will admit it; yesterday was not my best day.  It was just one of those days frankly.

I woke up and ….

  • Didn’t pack any lunches.  Why?  I don’t really know, but since the kids had extra time this morning (late start Wednesday) I decided to let them figure it out.  Hmm, wonder what the 1st grader created?
  • Got in the shower; didn’t shave.  Again, no idea why.  Passive/aggressive towards Henry maybe … (who has been glued to his laptop until way past midnight working since Saturday night).
  • Kinda got ready for my Wacky Wednesday Mom’s Morning Out – not really committed to going until the moment I walked into the ihop though! 
  • Said several things to Henry that I knew would not end well … including “whatever” in response to “ aren’t you going to be late if you don’t get out the door?”  Followed up by “I don’t careI really don’t care” when he followed up with “is that really what you want to be saying?”  The refrain was just a tad loud for his liking … and then my favorite … “I don’t have time for this … as I hurried out the door”.  Ya, that about sums up my interchange with my dear, sweet Henry this morning!
  • When I finally arrived at ihop – Just for the heck of it I ordered the deep fried stuffed French Toast (3/5 stars) and country fried potatoes with cheese and sour cream (5/5 stars)!  In for a penny in for a pound (or 5 lbs!).
  • Went to the mall – you know, just to look and instead bought some makeup because Lancôme had a free give away with purchase (umm … I wonder if my CPA husband will think it was free when he sees the AmX charge … hmm gotta think about that one).
  • Didn’t make dinner … I decided on my own the kids were likely in the mood for Dominoes … Not!
  • A little short with Henry when he called to say he would be unable to help drive to/from Life Groups tonight (yes, because of work … I know … AGAIN).  Found myself pondering “do the girls really need to be spiritual this week?”
  • Finally sat down to watch Mob Doctor … Ok, I guess I could have started with that info and you would have been able to sum up my day without any of the above explanations, huh?
  • Ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel – and added salt!
  • Fell asleep at 10 pm – with my make up on!  Hate that.

Yep, not a great day.  But guess what I got today … yes, actually I did receive an intense ‘reminder’ this morning about what is and is NOT acceptable to say to your HoH … which brings this weeks tally to those keeping track to 4!   … By George I think he’s got it#time to get my act together#orgetusedtoasorea**!

I also received a visit from my friend – the one that hasn’t shown her face for 4 months … yep ‘that friend’ … oh the joys of being 46!  Well, on the bright side, maybe yesterday’s PMS had been building for the past 4 months!

~ yippee!  The weekend is almost here; H will be done with his work project and we can concentrate on getting things ready for Grandma’s move in … 12/14!  The arrival of my friend also means we can forego the evil barrier and have unprotected, unrepentant put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up SEX~ yippee!



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